10 reasons why brides need this accessory in 2021


Every bride-to-be knows: less is more! Wait - less is more? Yes, you heard right, wearing less is more and of course we don't mean your beautiful gown. Here are 10 reasons why you should wear a SECLARI accessory.

1.) Keep your most important belongings with you

It’s quite a challenge to think about what to wear at a wedding. Especially for brides. But sometimes it is even harder to decide what not to wear. Is it really necessary to take a wallet, credit cards, tissues, a lip stick, powder, keys and your cellphone with you? What a bride should leave at home can be a hard decision. Or not! The SECLARI phone necklace and the lipstick bag are both designed for brides. The phone necklace contains a wallet (to store money or tissues), 2 card slots, a keyholder, a sunglasses holder and of course a case for your smartphone. The lipstick bag fits a wide range of common lipsticks and lipglosses.




2.) The best alternative to a handbag

As we see, there are a lot of things a bride needs to take with her on her big day. Keys, hotel - and credit cards, money, tissues and certainly her phone. If the bridal couple is lucky with the weather, then sunglasses will be needed, too. In the end you have a huge and heavy handbag that can keep any bride from enjoying her own wedding. And that is what a bride really doesn't want: To wear a heavy, cumbersome bag. Wear the SECLARI phone case instead. It is the lighter way to enjoy a wedding. And you have all your belongings with you.



3.) Take pictures immediately

Of course most bridal couples are booking a photographer to capture the most important day of their lives: their wedding. And of course their guests will take pictures, too. But we met brides after their weddings and some of them regret that they didn't take any pictures of themselves, of their groom, bridesmaids, family and friends. Because they didn't want to wear a heavy bag or keep their phone in their hands all the time. And the worst thing: if you wear a purse at your wedding and you search for your phone inside it, it's often too late to capture the moment you wanted to because it's already gone. This was one of the reasons SECLARI designed a phone case which is ready when you are. Take pictures immediately and keep your phone close to you with a SECLARI phone necklace in off-white.


4.) White isn't simply white

It is very hard to find a handbag or purse for a wedding. Most of them look like kitsch or kind of old fashioned. A lot of brides buy their dresses very early - and most of them feel relieved if this important task is accomplished from their super long "bride-to-be checklist". Shopping accessories separately can cause a little dilemma afterwards, when the dress is not around while searching for matching accessories. At one point every bride knows: white isn't simply white. There is champagne, off-white, rosé, cream....a lot of shades of white. So for most brides it is of course important that the color of the handbag fits to the dress. Purses are often decorated with pearls, crystals, tulle or lace - so there is another factor to consider when shopping for accessories for the big day. Make it easy for yourself: choose a SECLARI phone necklace in off-white. The color fits to nearly every gown - no matter if it is white, off-white, cream, champagne or rosé.


5.) Enjoy your wedding day

The wedding day is the most important day for many women. Some of them have been dreaming about it since their childhood. There are so many things to do in advance and then it feels like such a relief when the big day arrives and all the tasks before are done. On their wedding day the bridal couple just should enjoy it. And for that we have 2 tips for you: 1. wear comfortable shoes for dancing all-night-long. Nothing could be worse than to be "knocked out" by your own feet at your wedding too early. And 2. searching for your wallet or your phone all the time can be stressful, too. In this case, the SECLARI phone necklace is the best accessory for brides who don't want to look for their belongings and just enjoy the day they’ve earned.


6.) Safety first

Keep your most important belongings close and safe to you, especially if there's a drink or two at a wedding. No matter if you are a wedding guest, a bride or someone else: it can be dangerous to leave your belongings at the dinner table or somewhere else. Things are falling off the table, jackets will be forgotten and especially smartphones may be lost. Use the SECLARI phone necklace to keep your phone, your money and your cards close to you. The padded cover of the phone case protects your phone and its camera and the silicon case holds it tight. Dance-approved, we promise!


 7.) Choose a designer piece

It is still a special one - the wedding day. Every piece is carefully chosen; it should have a meaning and finally every little detail needs to be perfect. Millions of brides have spent countless hours choosing the perfect details and accessories. If you would like to wear an affordable designer piece, let us introduce the SECLARI phone necklace to you. We design all our products in Mannheim, Germany. The design is legally protected and not just another “off the shelf” product. It is designed with love to celebrate your love.


8.) Save space on the table

Did you know that you can remove the strap of the SECLARI phone necklace? This feature can be very handy if you want to go out for dinner with friends - or to a wedding! For some people it is one of the best parts of a wedding to have dinner with family and friends. It is always impressive to see the beautifully decorated tables. But as you know - there is often not enough space on the table, especially if one course is following the other. If you want to leave your phone necklace on the table while having dinner, a strap can be disturbing. To remove the strap just open the rings. Your phone is still safe on the table protected by the padded case.


9.) No shoulder pain

The average weight of a handbag made of leather is up to 2 kilograms - when it is empty! If a purse is filled with all the things women need, it can reach up to 10 kilograms. That's a lot, especially for a bride who’s looking forward to a very long wedding day. So if you want to avoid shoulder pain and dance as if you were atop the clouds without wearing a heavy bag, the SECLARI crossbody phone case with strap has an average weight of 400 grams when filled. So you decide what to wear at your wedding and how heavy it should be.


10.) Don't lose your sunglasses

Sunny times are wedding times! More and more weddings are going to be celebrated outdoors, especially the ceremony. So of course wedding guests will need their sunglasses. But often women have a problem: where to put the sunglasses, when not wearing a handbag? SECLARI found an elegant, discret solution to store your sunglasses at a safe place. There are glasses holders at the end of the strap where sunglasses can be attached. Keep scratches and fingerprints away from your sunglasses. And most importantly: don't lose them!




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