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It is our belief that everything in the world is connected to each other. We all make decisions every day, followed by actions. Simply put: every action is followed by a reaction. Every action could have a big impact on our environment, even if it sounds unimaginable in the first place. 
Figuratively applied to our consumer behaviour, this means that our decisions and purchases could have a big impact on the markets. They shape what markets will offer to us in future and also how we want to live in this world. If we support brands who act sustainable, other brands will follow. So obviously every single consumer has a huge power to change the world - without consciously knowing it. The same applies to companies and brands. Together we all create the future with our decisions and actions. 



no plastic in packaging icon  No plastic in packaging

As you certainly know, plastic is a huge threat to our environment and it doesn't only pollute our oceans. Online shopping is responsible for creating millions of parcels containing plastic every day. At SECLARI, even our delivery note sleeve is biodegradable and we only use environmentally friendly packaging and filling materials, as well as recycled paper. So you can simply dispose of all the packaging in the paper waste, which can then be recycled. Or if you like it - keep and upcycle it! Better for the environment, better for you! 

Climate neutral shipping   climate neutral shipping

The increase in CO2 emissions is one of the biggest threats to our planet. One big cause for CO2 emissions is exhaust fumes created by traffic and transportation vehicles. Especially online shopping is responsible for creating a lot of traffic while shipping parcels around the globe. This is why SECLARI takes its responsibility for our planet very seriously: We only offer worldwide climate-friendly shipping. And it’s not on you - we cover the required amount to compensate for our CO2 emissions, for national and international shipments. Finally enjoy shopping while having a clean conscience, cheers!

vegan leather icon Vegan leather

Meanwhile there are many high-quality alternatives to real leather which not only look authentic! We believe it is not necessary to let animals suffer just to please our needs and expectations of luxury. Additionally the average per-user lifespan of a smartphone is getting shorter and shorter: the average use of a cell phone is around 2 years, then the user switches the phone model. So should we use animal skin for a product we only use for approximately 2 years? No, we shouldn't. That’s why we decided to use only vegan materials for our products. 

 We donate to environmental organizations  protect our planet icon

Most companies donate to charity organizations to help people - which is great! It is deeply rooted in human nature to help each other. And that is absolutely right and important. But it isn’t just us on planet earth and we often forget that. There are more species like plants and animals and we don't speak their language. And that's the point: Isn’t it necessary that they have someone who listens and stands up for them? They need special protection because we are not able to listen to them. We often forget that we are also dependent on them: plants deliver unique ingredients for vital medicine. But the rainforest is being destroyed, day by day. One reason is fires, created by the increase of global warming. Another consequence of global warming is the melting of the north and south poles. Not only rare animals, that help to keep the ecosystem of our oceans in balance will disappear soon -  the water temperature also rises and this causes disasters like hurricanes which can be a threat to our lives. And guess who is responsible? We are. Humanity is the largest thread to our home, planet earth.


Let's work on it, every day.

Of course we aren't telling you anything new - and we aren't perfect either. Everyone of us struggles to do the right thing. But we understand how important it is to protect the environment we live in. We work on it to make it better, everyday and step by step.

We donate, you decide!

For this reason we would like to give something back to nature: SECLARI donates a part of its profit, more precisely 1€ per crossbody phone chain, to environmental organizations. And you can help to decide where the donation should go! Simply participate in the voting after you purchase - or you can make a suggestion to which environmental organization we should donate to in the future! Simply write us an e-mail.


How does it work?

1. When and where can I participate?
After your purchase or after completing the order process,
you will be shown a little survey in which you can participate voluntarily.

2. Take the survey!
You decide which environmental project we should donate to
by participating in the survey. Should the rainforest be reforested
or the sea be cleared of plastic waste? You decide!

3. One year later
You have decided! Every year we will publish on our website
and on social media which NGOs our donation went to.
Subscribe to the Instagram hashtag #seclari to not miss anything!

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